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11 January 2005 @ 12:39 pm
so im waiting for stupid Clearcase tp grab me all the source i need for the merge i have to make. *r* is out today so lunch is simple as i cant eat anything downstairs (the cafe is icky)..

so im rambling... i realize i havent rambled on this place in awhile. so im picking a topic....

just finished last night a book called Feynman's Rainbow. as some people know some of the idol figures in my life are people like John Von Neumann (brilliant, amazing, socialite, charismatic. but most of all just plain brilliant), Joseph Campbell (brilliant, articulant, funny, fun), and Richard Feynman (brilliant, indepedant, childlike, amazing). so when i saw the book i quickly picked it up.

its a book about thinking. its a book about 'why'. just why does a scientist do what he does. and most of all, its about Feynman.. what kind of character he truly was.

the author, Leonard Mlodinow, too is an oddball. brilliant in his perceptions yet in this book he is stuck and aimless. and so his interactions with Feynman shows how he resolves his thinking. the author goes on to become a script writer for hollywood (phd in physics from berkley, a research fellow at CalTech). there is a warmth to him in his weakness.

so where am i going with this rambling.. not sure. all i can say is this, the further i walk in life, the further i see it is our weaknesses that make us be loved. it is about what we want.. and thats what dictates our worldviews...

damn this clearcase thing is damn slow
Locrianlocriansax on January 11th, 2005 06:49 pm (UTC)
hey hey are you on AIM?
I got some linux and wireless questions for you...

willing to help a n00b?