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23 April 2002 @ 09:01 am
hanging out...  
so Erica came over hang out and stuff.. we ate yummy stuff from Asian Grill and drank some nice and not so nice red wine... Much talking was done.. much chatting.. was good..:> Later Josh came over and joined us... again much chatting was done...

was good to hang out with some friends... didnt get any code done yesterday but it happens... though sunday i did figure out some stuff... still mulling over a particular problem...
Current Mood: ditzyditzy
Current Music: Uttara-Kuru - Shrine
Francescafrainnyc on April 23rd, 2002 09:19 am (UTC)

i'm happy to hear that things are getting back to normal for you.
you're inspiring me to persue programming more than i intially thought i would. going for a job interview this afternoon. i might have a few questions for you later.
Braxana: katobraxana on April 23rd, 2002 10:01 am (UTC)
shoot questions anytime..:>
Dominique: panda_ballgraphxgirl on April 23rd, 2002 09:47 am (UTC)
yay for hanging out with friends....boo for bad red wine.......