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11 September 2005 @ 12:54 pm
japanese politics..:>  
very amusing article describing what has been going on in japan....

Koizumi's War

one of the many of my favorite paragraphs is:

< quote >
Koizumi has demonstrated that he is willing to be ruthless in
exacting revenge and imposing order. National LDP headquarters has
withdrawn support from the 34 postal rebels running in the election
(three of the 37 have retired) and Koizumi has personally dispatched
handpicked candidates, tagged by the media as "the assassins," to run
against all but two of them. With characteristic media savvy, Koizumi
has pushed many of the highest-profile and, frankly, best-looking
assassins to the forefront of the campaign. These candidates include
a former TV anchorwoman who is now Environmental Minister, a former
Miss University of Tokyo turned finance ministry bureaucrat, and a
celebrity cookbook author. Although the LDP is fielding the lowest
percentage of female candidates among the major parties, and only
10 of the 32 assassins are women, it is the "female assassins" that
have captivated the nation. "It's like a virtual harem," sniffs
Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) candidate Muneaki Samejima, who
is in a four-way showdown that features Koki Kobayashi, a postal
rebel, and the woman sent in to eliminate him, Environmental Minister
Yuriko Koike, one of the best-known of Koizumi's shock troops.
"Getting his favorite women together and sending them off on a
mission? It's like the [North Korean] Happy Corps," says Samejima,
"and Koizumi is Kim Jong Il—anyway, that is the story going around
[this] constituency."
< /quote >
Locrianlocriansax on September 12th, 2005 01:58 am (UTC)
wow, and I thought our politics here were odd..

Koizumi has a band of..community relations ninja...