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09 November 2007 @ 03:30 pm
day off  
so decided to take the day off today. part of it was the realization yesterday that other than the CEO im the only one in the office who hasnt actually taken a vacation. everyoneelse over the last year has taken at least a week or 2 or 3 of vacation. so ive decided i need to think about a vacation this year. granted i have no idea what im going to do or where to go or what at the moment. perhaps ill go home for new years. we shall see....

so today i spent the day shopping. went looking for a new pair of gloves as my old pair stopped being a pair back in march. ended up on newbury str and found a pair. also found a bunch of dvds, so i grabbed them too. other than that ive been typing away at a coffee shop or reading in a coffee shop.

back at the office, due to lateness in the carrier/isp/stupid-ass verizon our move to the new office has been postponed for next week. so right before thanksgiving it sounds like we will be in the new space. and then i can begin walking to work *grins* (3 - 5 min walk). things also have been changing at the office as the business starts moving away from being service oriented and focusing on product development. so yay

anyways ive babbled on LJ enough for today.