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13 May 2002 @ 06:35 am
quiet sunday...  
so ended up staying inside the whole day. originally intended to go join up with vhscrowers to go see Apoptygma Berzerk and Beborn Beton over at Manray BUT i just couldnt get into the mood. so i ended up staying in and reading and watching Buffy reruns.

finished Iron Maiden and found it an interesting read. for those who have read the Bio of a Space Tyrant series the book was more of a quick and condensed overview of the rest of the series. Largely due to the fact that Spirit was more of a backup shadow to her brother Hope. A few interesting facts do come out in the book which fills in some of the gaps within the series and thus completes it quite well. Must admit of all of Piers Anthony's works, the Bio of the Space Tyrant is his best work to date (even he will agree in his comments at the end of Iron Maiden). Though not highly critically acclaimed nor as popular as his Xanth series it is (i would say) his most complex and well written work.

finished He's Scared, She's Scared (written by the authors of Men Who Can't Love) (all about commitmentphobia) found that though the authors did have some valid points in regards to issues and problems in commitment, i had a lot of problems with the book. first off the book was definately more opinion than fact. it was written by authors with little experience in psychology and from their experiences as well as experiences of people they talked to. so its more of an amateur's theory of behavior. and due to this it had no numbers or reflections against the 'normal' populance. in fact according to the material they wrote, it can be extrapolated that all relationships are commitment phobic and thus the book never really resolves why or what commitment phobia truly is or whether it is indeed normal or not. in short, the book attempts to be general and like all general theories is too vague as to be truly valid. the points they bring up about commitment are valid, its just they could have done it in a small booklet of 20 pages or so and not have to write books on the issue. (much was redundant and their breaking up of the behavior in question into catagories has some validity but truth is could have been done better by people more scientifically minded)

finished Gateway to Memory. an excellant book on modeling of the hippocampus. has great introductory material on neural network modeling and covers a basic overview of the hippocampus and its place in memory. very well written..:> i was quite pleased with this book

finished Zen Flesh, Zen Bones a great work and collection of zen works. ended the evening with this book. though a quick read it takes quite some time to let it all sink in.
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