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15 May 2002 @ 09:30 am
icky weather but good friends...  
so the weather showed some form of sunlight yesterday towards the end of the day... then it went away and now we are having dreary weather again... lets see... about 47 degrees F with a light wind and a occasion sprinkle of rain... supposed to be nicer tommorrow and friday supposed to get 70 degrees with sunshine.. then the weekend is supposed to be a wash of rain and cold again... have to say that no matter what people say about how nice boston is and such, the weather sucks. i am getting tired of boston.. *sighs*

so yesterday left work early to pick up new contact lenses.. am trying out a pair of month wear lens (FDA approves lebs wearble for a month Oct 12, 2001) ... so far they are nice..:> im happy with them..:>

so spent the evening backing up files (cutting them to cd) and watching some TV. later in the evening Josh stopped by and we hung out.. was good.:>
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Not Another Teen Movie SndTrk - Bizarre Love Triangle