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16 May 2002 @ 05:22 pm
eh gad... tis star wars...  
so work paid for the watching of the new Star Wars movie. let me just say this.. if i actually had to pay to see the movie i would be crying over the loss of the cash.. *Sighs*

wel, it certainly was a visual effects galore movie and that at least was enjoyable.. the rest sucked (acting, the SCRIPT SUCKED!!! etc etc ) there is a scene with Yoda which was cool tho.

the only other cool thing about seeing the movie was the fact i got to see the new Matrix Reloaded Preview. now that looks damn good.

so work paid for me to watch a dumb movie... i suppose at least i wasnt bored (oks part of the time i was bored watching the movie)
Current Mood: draineddrained
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