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27 September 2009 @ 06:18 pm
So Android Developer Challenge 2 judging has begun (Official posting about judging).

For those with Android phones (TMobile G1s mainly) you can download the judging app by searching for ADC (and select the Android Developer Challenge 2 app). Once you download it, it seems to randomly select an app for you to choose to judge or not (you can skip it if you wish). If you decide to judge it, it downloads and installs the app for you. You then can play with the app, then go back to the ADC2 app to judge it. You give up to a rating of 5 stars in each area : orginiality, usage of google android specific capabilities (gps, sensors, etc), polish (how polished / finished it seems), and its usefullness (or for games, its addictiveness).

The first round of judging will last at least two weeks from today. Judging will continue until a sufficient number of votes to identify the top 20 applications in each of the 10 categories (200 apps total) that qualify for the second round.

So those with Andorid phones, go to it!