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01 June 2002 @ 10:40 am
tokyo run about..:>  
so today i woke up rather early, read a bit, napped, then woke up again..:> had breakfast with the fam.. then lunch... then headed out... hit uo Shinjuku and wondered around abit (this time checking out Kabukicho (red light district/ sin city). played a bunch of video games . wandered abit and then ended up eating at the Christon Cafe. it was amazing! (heres a pic of it inside) the place is basically a Catholic church on the inside.. but you get to eat there and drink there..:> it was huge... hopfully the pics i took withh come out (it was a tad dark). the food was good as well..:>

wandered around again after eating and then hit up the Kinokuniya bookstore again (this time the other store on the other side of Shinjuku station (south exit)). around 8 headed over to Shibuya to check out Tokyo Goth and Darkwave. they were doing a bunch of band performances at the club.. was not bad. but a few things were blaringly obvious. First, the goth scene in Tokyo is still in its infancy. Second, the music that the bands played were more of the hard rock kind... (unlike the rest of the goth world, japan's gothdom seems to derive from hard rock and an asian flair). Anyways... so after that i headed home...:>
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