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26 August 2002 @ 09:29 am
weekend fun..  
so friday evening i stayed in and coded and read...

saturday headed down to Norwich with Amy to visit the Wolfes. we ended up watching S1M0NE. unlike the others i actually liked the movie. largely due to the play off the characters. most of them were fake and were meant to be fake... (i wont spoil it for those who have yet to see it) i will say that the technical facts were a bit screwy (oks.. not a bit.. really bad) but like i said.. i liked it.. the play off the concept of fakeness and 'real' was fun..:>

sunday headed out to Hartford and met up with Kristen. we headed over to Brian's and hung out there for a bit (his dad threw a bbq party for Brian's kid sis) afterwards we had meditranian food and then hung out at her apartment till about 10:30 pm... then headed home and crashed..:>

a good weekend..:>
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