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02 September 2002 @ 08:13 am
code hacking, book packing, and not a lot of sleep...:>  
so yesterday, erica took off with amy and her sister to go shopping... i stayed in and finished packing the books (amy brought some more boxes over... unfortunately it wasnt enough.. ) then did some coding... where i discovered a horrendous yet simple mistake i had made in my code which i had been testing for the last couple of months *sighs* and once i fixed the code, guess what... the testing suddenly started getting results which were the ones i was looking for.. *argh* at least it all works now... met up with melissaagray at 6 in Harvard Square where we then had really good Mideastern food (bahklava.. yum!!!!!!!!) wandered around (did some minor shopping) hit up for tea and chatted for awhile... headed home around 9 and did more coding.... next thing i know its 2am .. crashed and then woke up sporadically through the night ... did more coding whenever i woke... now i finally gave up on sleeping..:>
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: tv ad stuff...