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22 February 2002 @ 02:45 pm
incompetence is annoying...  
what does one do with a bunch of senior engineers and you dont have enough projects for them all to work on?

if management were competant enough, if the business organization was built modular enough, the problem would be solved (or would never appear).


so lately ive been doing Sustaining Engineering and support since they dont know what to do with someone like me. they dont want to lose me because i have 'great' value.. but at the same time they dont want idle hands... its sad

on a different note, last night was fun.. met up with Jen down in Central and we headed over to House of Tibet Kitchen for some Tibetean food.. Interesting.. never had it before... the influence of Indian food was very apparent... the hot spices were actually hotter, but fewer. the place was very cute and yummy..:> and it was great to see Jen. sounds like things are good for her for now.. things are changing but they are good changes. *grins*
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