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03 October 2002 @ 10:17 am
fun with vhscrowers...:>  
so after a busy busy busy day at work (damn it.. we need to release soon) went over to vhscrowers's (yay, hadnt seen her in awhile), drove over to Porter and had some sushi..:> YUM! afterwards headed over to Kendall Square Cinema and watched Spirited Away (i saw this movie when it came out in japan last january but i hadnt seen it translated yet). we had a bit of time before the movie so we wandered about and chatted and made general mischief..:> anyways the movie was just as good as the last time i saw it.. the dubbing was actually good and the translation (tho on occasion a bit different from what i expected) was good..:>
midnight dropped vhscrowers off and went home and spent an hour or so doing some online stuff and such for some coworkers...

was a great evening and much fun and mayhem..:>