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04 October 2002 @ 12:16 pm
its Jenny Jen's fault... now i have to do the survey tooo  
Name? Masumi

Age? 29

Nicknames? Mas, Mooman, Masman, Pascal, Moo, Wonky, Mythos, Braxana, Zatar

Tell a story about how you got one of your nicknames.
Only one that has a story is the Pascal one. Its an old nickname, only used by those who knew me in HS. silly story really.. since it had to do with Math and Pascal's Triangle. just naming the thing and doing math problems really quickly gave me the nickname.. later i made the name stand for the 'guy who is very very strange'.

Natural hair color?

Current hair color/s?

Coffee or tea? And how do you take it?
Tea... cant stand coffee... Chai or Green is preferred

Zen or Tao?
Tao.. but truth is it dont really make a diff... both are the same

Curves or angles?
curves baby!

Meat or veggies?
fish...:> especially the raw kind

Favorite season?
summer... hate winter absolutely... love that sticky , sweltering, humid heat

If you could live in one decade, which one and why?
the past: 80s (yeah i lived them) as my current age... i would have made a kickass Yakuza Corporate guy
future: 2021 cause it sounds so cool

They close your favorite hangout. Where do you do go?
find a new place

Any nervous or coumpulsive habits?
i bounce around alot

That you've cured?
why should i?

The one time you wish you had your camera was...
actually i wish i had the ability to record real time my entire life.. forget snapshots...

If you were to spend a month alone, where would you spend it, and what would you do?
in a cabin in the woods/mountains. read and do martial arts and code.. coding is good. maybe dance a bit to good music.

Word association. First thing that springs to mind--
Winter..icky snow and blue ice... and cold...yuck
Monkey..dancing and hopping
Settler...oks ive been playing too much Civ 3
Watch.. Tower.. big ben
Lush..purple (dont ask me why cause i dont know)
Sprawl...green gassland
Funk...dat funky muzik..:>
Shadow...dark and long.. like Jack Skellington's
Dance...beauty in form and motion
Along that line, words that make you giggle?

Things you can't stop saying?
moo, meep, Upbeat!

Food you're craving right now?
a good teriyaki chicken

If you could have one servant/assistant, what kind would you have? (chauffer, maid, etc.)
chauffer... my driving is atrocious...

What work are you putting off to take this survey?
qa crap

You have the power to sway the entire world's opinion on one thing. What do you say?
Grow up people, we dont have much left.
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