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14 October 2002 @ 09:48 am
weekend of vegging, dancing, and fun...:>  
friday - after rejoicing over the fact we sent the CD to manufacturing and closing a bunch of bugs i went home and decided to veg. so i sat around at home and watched movies... *grins* Misa the Dark Angel was cute but a bit weak.. New Best Friend unfortunately was a bit weak on story and weak on some of the acting... though Mia was superb in it...:> Jin-roh : The Wolf Brigade was AWESOME. a story crafted in such a way to follow the old 'red-riding-hood' tale but tinged with such tragedy and intrigue... well lets putit this way.. i was blown away... after many movies i crashed around 5 or 6 in the morning... just needed veg/alone time..:>

saturday - woke up around noonish.. veg a bit and then me and amy headed out to NYC. drove down through the ugly drizzle and got to malitor's place around 7pm. chatted with ems on the phone while we waited for malitor and guest (zamian (sp?)) to appear and let us in..:> once we got into the apt we chilled for a bit and then eventually got changed and headed out to Albion where the Cruxshadows were doing a gig..:> was fun watching them do their show... Rogue (vocalist) is quite a show man..:> we then spent the rest of the night dancing and having fun..:> (had a wierd dizzy spell at one point... at first i thought i had drunk too much but it turned out to be more being tired from the driving and not eating any food, dehydration, and then drinking a bit... once i sat down i was good.. and then in 15 min i was back on the dance floor...:>) around 3 we decided to hit up for some food so grabbing Todd we headed out to a diner and ate... 4 am we headed back to the apt and crashed...:>

sunday - we all slowly got up and chilled... then me and amy headed back home around 2pm. got to dedham around 6:30pm and went to the movies to watch Sweet Home Alabama which turned out to be a very weak movie... *shrugs* got home and ate some food and then crashed..:>
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: nine inch nails - closer (techno mix)
Dominique: boogiepopgraphxgirl on October 14th, 2002 11:08 am (UTC)
Jin-roh is amazing. i immediately bought it!