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25 October 2002 @ 10:51 am
shinjuku and josh  
so today after getting up and putting about the house i got dressed and headed out to shinjuku. did lots of dvd shopping and such.. wandered through the city.. was good..:>
around 5pm met up with Josh in front of the Alta. we headed over to his place in Daikanyama (took the JR and then the Toyoko trains) where his current residence is... its nice..:> a former big sumo guy's place or something... anyways hungout there for a bit and then we headed over to Shibuya... hit up Mandrake (a toy collectible place) and then we ate at a nice eel place (YUM).
then it was off to Shinjuku where i introduced him to Christon Cafe (photo below.. click on it for a larger image)
he enjoyed the place quite abit..:> then we wandered around, looking at the Golden Gai area and the various tiny shops ... then we headed home around 10pm.

was great seeing him....:>

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Current Music: chirping of crickets outside...