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28 February 2002 @ 12:15 pm
so how does one hunt pickles?  
last night was fun..

work was a pain the the butt. it hasnt improved and it didnt help when i sat down and did an analysis on the past projects i have been on and such and came up with the basic answer of: most of them have failed due to bad planning on management's part. *sighs*

and then it started snowing big time which didnt help my mood.

'then i got a call'.. or rather an email from Victoria mentioning how she wanted to go dancing .. so we later last night around 9pm i met up at her place and we hit up Manray and danced a lot.. does help when the endorphins started kicking in as we danced (lots of intense motion and physical activity *grins*) so that certainly helped my mood...

saw new faces and some i havent seen in awhile. was good overall.. got home late around 2am and crashed.

ultimately i think when it comes down to the job thing i simply need to start something... hopefully the stuff im coding will work as a prototype...

on another note:
so Erica has been taking a class in internet law (she is boning up to go to law school) and apparently had an interesting episode happen to her class.. while her prof was showing slides and discussing Richard Stallman and the issues of free speech and such.. when Q&A time came up.. a man at the back of the class raised his hand and stated "you have it all wrong"..lo and behold it was Stallman himself... quite an entertaining bit of embaressment for the Prof. Stallman went on to state he was being misrepresented and got up in front of the class and began a lecture (to the surprise of the class and the Prof) (turns out one of the students knows Stallman personally and mentioned that that day they were to speak of his works)
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