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20 December 2002 @ 07:26 am
training, xmas party, spark99, piano teacher  
so yesterday all morning was spent doing training with the group out in India (doing it today as well) then after a bit of work with linux it was Paaaaaaatai (party) time..:> the company xmas party was fun .. much food, drink, a yankee swap, and singing and dancing..:> this took up most of the afternoon... *grins* so all in all yesterdy work was awash..:>
afterwards met up wth spark99. we headed over to eat over in davis (red bones) and much fun was had... *grins* unfortunately i was rather tired due to the limited amount of sleep i had had the night before i wasnt up for running about too much.. but we did end up watching The Piano Teacher (a very French film. interesting and yet whacked... not something i would recommend for the casual viewer... a film about a very very whacked person) then watched a bit of Akira
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: coworker doing training